Measuring Devices


GMJGT will allow the use of Measuring Devices for distance only, in all its events.

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Tournament Entry

All events are open to any Junior golfer worldwide who meets the scoring average or handicap criteria of GM JUNIOR GOLF TOUR

Age Divisions are calculated based on the Childs / Childrens age on the 1st January each year / unless otherwise stated.

Members will receive preferential rates where applicable & have priority entry against a non member in the case of events being oversubscribed on any waiting list

The Company/Tour Directors withhold the right to reject any individual applying for membership or any tournament entries, if they feel the rejection and exclusion of certain player (s) is in the best interest of the Tour and the other members therein.

The Company/Tour Director's decision is final and they withhold the right not to divulge their reasons.

All membership subscriptions are due on or before January 1st of each year.

Places in each event will be restricted in numbers and will be filled on a first come first served entry basis.

The Company/Tour Director's withhold the right to increase or decrease the number of participants for a regular season or major event in each age group.

Graham Moore Golf (incorporating GM Junior Golf Tour) cannot be held responsible /liable in any way for travel, accommodation, car hire or any other expenses incurred by parents /players if any event is cancelled, postponed or the players decided to withdraw from the event.
Entry fees for cancelled / postponed events will be refunded or can be held in credit for future events.
If players withdraw from an event and the host venue still charges the green fee,Graham Moore Golf (incorporating GM Junior Golf Tour) this will be retained by Graham Moore Golf (incorporating GM Junior Golf Tour) prior to reimbursement or credit being issued.

Equal Opportunities

The Graham Moore International Golf Schools and Graham Moore Golf (incorporating GM Junior Golf Tour) are equal opportunity organisations and welcomes applications from all eligible entrants irrespective of sex, colour, nationality or ethnic origin. The Organisations will not in taking any decisions take account of such factors and all applicants and members will be treated equally.

The Organisations require that its members respect this policy and in the event that any member is found to have discriminated against any other member in any way, whether by racial/derogatory remarks or otherwise the matter will be treated very seriously and the Organisations reserve the right to exclude such member from any future involvement on the Graham Moore Junior Golf Tour or any other activities undertaken by Graham Moore International Golf Schools without any refund.
Anti-Doping Policy
GRAHAM MOORE GOLF TOUR conforms to and adopts the ENGLAND GOLF Anti – Doping Policies  

These Anti-Doping Rules implement the requirements of the World Anti-Doping Code on a national basis within the sport of men's & women's amateur golf in England. For a copy of the ENGLAND GOLF Anti - Doping Policies
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Entry Fees

Tournament entry fees must be received at the tournament head office no later than 5 weeks prior to the first day of the tournament's scheduled start.

Late entries may be accepted subject to availability at the Tournament Director's discretion.

Field size

Tournaments will be restricted in size.
Entries will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.
Application to enter a Tournament does not guarantee a tee off time in the event applied for
All players must participate in their age group divisions.


Competitive rounds will be individual Gross Stroke play (unless otherwise stated) over the stipulated course depending upon the player's category / ranking (N.B. Handicaps will not be used in any calculations of score, only to obtain entry into the events).

The course that individual participants will play from will be set up relevant to their age category. No participants from different categories will play together except in exceptional circumstances, at the Tournament Director's discretion.

If the course cannot be completed due to poor weather, bad light etc… the remaining holes will have to be completed prior to the start of the following round's play. In the event of the suspension coming on the last day of a tournament, the final round will be decided by the total number of holes completed by all competitors, even if this means that the last days round is not counted at all.
Practice Rounds

The availability of the course for competitors to practice on prior to the start of the event is solely at the discretion of the host venue, on production of your tour card.
This may help you in obtaining access to the facilities.

As a Tour rule, practice will not be allowed on the course after 4pm on the day before the start of the tournament, in order to allow officials to set up the course for the following days play.
Nor can practice be done on the course between rounds once play has commenced on the first day.
Withdrawal Notifications

Competitors are asked to inform the Tournament Head Office of their intention to withdraw from an event up to three days before the start of play, and the onsite Tour Office at the event after this time.

Competitors will be credited towards their following event if this situation arises.

Anyone withdrawing from the event after the closing date for entries will not receive a refund except at the discretion of the Tour Directors.
Conditions of Play

It will be decided by the Tournament Directors to either cancel, postpone or delay play due to adverse, hazardous and inclement weather or unplayable course conditions.

Graham Moore International Golf Schools and Graham Moore Golf (incorporating GM Junior Golf Tour) accept no responsibility for expenses incurred by players or families due to inclement weather or any situation arising outside the control of Graham Moore International Junior Tour or Graham Moore Golf.

Should play be suspended whilst players are out on the course, sirens will sound continuously for 10 seconds.

Players should mark their balls immediately and sufficiently to be able to identify the area their ball was resting in at the time of suspension of play.

Players should then seek shelter in the clubhouse or other suitable structure to protect them from the weather conditions .
When ordered to return to the course, players will hear two 5 second sirens.

Resumption of play will then be given by three 1 second sirens, these sirens will sound approx 15 minutes after the return to course siren.
Starting Times

Players may obtain their start times by ringing the onsite Tour Office or by looking at the onsite Tour notice board as well as on the Tour's Web Site.

Tee Times may be subject to change by The Tournament Director, if circumstances beyond Graham Moore Golf (incorporating GM Junior Golf Tour) control materialise or additional entries are received.

All competitors must be at the 1st tee ten minutes before their tee time, in order to ensure the smooth starting of every group.

Should a player arrive after their name has been announced on the tee and before a five minute time has elapsed they will be awarded a two shot penalty for arriving late on the tee. If the player arrives after this time, they will be disqualified.
Rules of Play

Play will be governed by the Rules of Golf as set out by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of
St Andrews, Local Rules by Graham Moore Golf (incorporating GM Junior Golf Tour) and by the Local Rules of the host venue.

Caddies Policy

Similar to playing on any Professional Tours Worldwide, participants in GM Golf Tour events are encouraged to have a caddy to help them play their best.

Caddies must refrain from over-coaching the participant for whom they are caddying. 
It is the caddy's duty to help the player hit each shot within a reasonable period of time. 
The player shall play without undue delay, which is defined as taking no more than 55 seconds to play a shot.  If a player takes more than 55 seconds, he or she may be subject to a penalty.  First offence: warning, second offence: one stroke penalty, third offence: additional two stroke penalty & fourth offence: disqualification.  

All penalties will be at the discretion of The Tournament Director or Rules Official. 
The 55 second rule is put into place to prevent over-coaching and slow play.

Allowing a caddy is a unique facility offered by GM GOLF TOUR in our commitment to encourage family participation.  Please review the rules below to help make the experience more enjoyable.
Important R&A Caddy Related Rules

1 - Rule 8-1 states that a Caddy is one who carries or handles a player's clubs during play and otherwise assists him/her in accordance with the rules.  A player may only have one caddy at any given time.  A caddy may be replaced or eliminated at any time by the player.  No other person may offer advice or help to a player other than his/her caddy.

2. Rule 8-2b states that when a player's ball is on the putting green, the player or his/her caddy may before, but not during, the stroke, point out a line for putting, but in doing so the putting green shall not be touched.  No mark shall be placed anywhere to indicate a line for putting.  Violation of this rule will result in a two-stroke penalty.

3.-Rule 14-2b states that in “making a stroke,” a player shall not allow his/her caddy to position himself /herself on or close to an extension of the line of play or the line of putt behind the ball.  A caddy may position himself /herself in this manner before the player commits to beginning his/her swing but must move away once the player is set to begin his/her swing.  Failure to do so will result in a two-stroke penalty.

4.- Rule 17-3 states that the player's ball shall not strike the flagstick or attendant when the flagstick is attended or the flagstick is in the hole, unattended, or when the ball has been played from the putting green.  Should this occur, the player is assessed a two-stroke penalty, and the ball is played as it lies.

Please remember that a rules violation by the caddy is the same as if the player violated the rule.  A caddy must be aware of the rules and assist his player in accordance with the rules. Rules officials are available at each tournament venue to help players when needed.
Other non-Players

Non players (i.e. parents, spectators and well wishers) are permitted onto the course (at the host venues discretion), however they must remain behind the players they are supporting at all times, and they must observe a 20 - 30 yard/18 - 27 meter-exclusion zone from the players and their caddies.

All spectators must also remain on the peripheries of the hole and course, whilst play is under way (not walking down the fairways behind the players they are supporting) as any other position is off putting to the other players following.
Dress Code

Players and caddies must be smart in appearance at all times.

Golfing attire is required when on the course, in the clubhouse and its peripheries.

The Tour Officials and the host venues own stewards will enforce dress policies.

Anyone in violation of the Tour or clubs dress policy will be asked to leave the grounds until such time as they are suitably attired.
Code of Conduct on and off the Course

Abusive language will not be tolerated.

Abuse of course furniture will not be tolerated.

Abuse of one's own equipment will not be tolerated (i.e. throwing clubs, slamming clubs into the ground).

Littering will also be looked upon unfavourably.

Anyone in breach of these four main rules, at any time will be asked to leave the event, and will receive a two-month ban as well as forego all their entry fees for the duration of the ban.

Divots must be replaced, pitch marks must be repaired and bunkers must be raked.
Try to leave the course in the condition you would wish to find it.

Cheating on the course will be punished; it is the responsibility of all players and caddies to ensure that cheating does not occur. Should it be known that someone is cheating
it is the responsibility of the other players in that group to report the matter to the Tournament Officials.

Scores should be recorded upon reaching the tee of the next hole, not whilst standing on the putting green of the hole just played.

If the players are in any doubt as to the correct procedure in a given situation, they should either call on the Tournament Rules Officials, or they should use the 2 ball ruling,
and clarify the situation upon reaching the Clubhouse before signing and handing their cards in to the scorer.
Pace of Play

Ordinarily all groups will be given an allotted pace of play time sheet on the first tee as detailed below:-

Should this not be available, it is advised that all players ensure that they keep up with the group in front of them and are not unnecessarily holding up play for the group behind.

The player shall play without undue delay, which is defined as taking no more than 55 seconds to play a shot.  If a player takes more than 55 seconds, he or she may be subject to
a penalty.  First offence: warning, second offence: one stroke penalty, third offence additional two stroke penalty & fourth offence is disqualification.

Ties for First & Second Places

Ties for first & second places in a regular one day Regional event and Major Championship event will be decided by a Sudden Death play-off. The holes to be used will be stipulated by
the host course layout and will be placed on the Tour notice board at the start of each tournament.

Those tying and not present at the play-off will forfeit their chance of winning by their absence.

All the positions after 2nd place will be shared equally between tied players.
Order of Merit

The National Order of Merit for each age group will be decided on a points system.

1st place = 25 points

2nd place = 20 points

3rd place = 17 points

4th place = 14 points

5th place = 10 points

6th place = 9 points

7th place = 8 points

8th place = 7 points

9th place = 6 points

10th place = 5 points

11th place = 4 points

12th place = 3 points

13th place = 2 points

14th place = 1 point

Players can earn points in every event they compete in, but only their best 6 results will count towards the National order of merit.
GM National & International Ranking, Click here for Junior Golf Scoreboard Criteria

The National & International Ranking for each age group will be decided on a points system.
That will apply to 2 day & 3 day events irrespective of the number of players in each category

The leading ranked player from each age division both boys & girls will be eligible for GM co-sanctioned events globally

1st place = 25 points

2nd place = 20 points

3rd place = 17 points

4th place = 14 points

5th place = 10 points


Prizes will be awarded for the top 2 in each age division for both Boys and Girls in all Regional and Major events

Qualifying places will also be available at a number of events for European & World Championships in addition to the winners, please take a look at each events information sheet

A number of events have qualifying status for GM EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS and annually worldwide co-sanctioned events

Prize Giving

Prize giving ceremonies will take place on completion of play at each event, upon finalization and verification of scorecards.

We request that all competitors will endeavour to attend the prize giving ceremonies.

Prize Winners must attend the prize giving ceremonies. Should they not attend barring justifiable reasons, (i.e. medical reasons), their prizes will be forfeited
(N.B. Although prizes will be forfeited, any order of merit points awarded will still stand)

Graham Moore Golf (Incorporating Graham Moore Junior Golf Tour) reserve the right to alter, amend, modify or introduce new rules and regulations without prior notice

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