part of the GM individual junior coaching programme

Akshay has natural ability, Coach Graham has introduced advanced techniques, that gives Akshay a more
effective / consistent swing & under Graham's wing the best of this 11 year old is yet to come !!
  Akshay won his 4 th Mini Masters event scoring a gross 81 on Saturday 10 th March 2012, again playing to a single figure handicap from Men's competition white tees, & has reduced his handicap once more to 9.8 ----- “His Handicap is now less than his age ”

From the middle of  January  2012 until the middle of February 2012  Akshay Chandaria reduced his handicap by over 5 shots from 16.2 – 10.6 , along the way he became the adult winner of the Kenyan Airways Series  @ Windsor Golf & Country Club with a gross score of 76 (4 over par from men's white competition tees) in a field of over 225 adult participants, but as a junior he is not eligible  to play in the Grand Final , “which is a real shame, as he would  have been a force to be reckoned with” quotes his coach Graham Moore FPGA  

He has won 3 Mini Masters  & 2 Monthly Mugs adult events scoring an average of 9 over par in each of the tournaments also @ Windsor Golf & Country Club, which again were all played from Men's white competition tees

“Akshay has grown in stature & has come to terms with the developments I implemented  during the  2 weeks of  intensive coaching with me , couple that with the introduction of new clubs, the dream start for 2012 is just where he left off  at the end of 2011 .Having  sourced a Personal Trainer  & Physiotherapist whilst I was in Kenya that understand the needs & the items I require them to work on with Akshay to assist me with his continued  advancement towards his long term goals, the beginning of 2012 could not have started any better”

Graham Moore FPGA  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 th March 2012


Akshay started 2012 season with intensive coaching, physical training & psychology with his Coach Graham Moore who travelled to Nairobi for 2 weeks & half to continue his development programme that started in summer 2009 in UK
So far Akshay has won numerous tournaments since the season began and established himself as number one junior golfer in Kenya, recently victory was the Kenya Airways qualifier which final will take place in South Africa, he scored 4 over par to win the field

27 Points over 9 holes "on browns" sees Akshay become the 2011 Stowe Putter Kenyan Champion

Played @ Gil Gill Golf Course Akshay won the inaugural Kenyan event, which has been going for many years in the UK with all IAPS schools

The tournament was hosted by Pembrook School in Kenya

The junior players compete for a miniature replica of "The Open Trophy" and retain it for a year.

"This win just goes to show how Akshay is developing since his summer coaching in the UK & the result shows that he continues to improve from all the changes that I implemented & I know the best is still to come"

Graham Moore FPGA
4th October 2011



how would you fancy to "putt" on this ?


Akshay continued from his excellent early season form in Kenya, when he spent 5 weeks in the UK for intensive coaching & playing on the GM Junior Golf Tour, once he acclimatised to the very different weather & the developments Graham added with the coaching , he once again got in the groove & began to show his true talent, having started from the junior tees he was upgraded to an older age group & played the majority of the GM Tournaments from the 11-12 year old tees ( host course red)
He played to a single figure handicap scoring gross  82 & 76 (36 hole par 145)  at Carden Park  over the  Nicklaus & Cheshire Courses & an 81 gross at Slaley Hall's Hunting  Course (par 75) , along with returning an 81 gross on the Hotchkin Course at Woodhall Spa (par 75)

“The first couple of events were very indifferent for Akshay, as he had to deal with the UK weather, a change from the Kenyan weather he is used too, coupled with the developments / changes I had added, but as you can see stated above he was upgraded due to his ability to an older age division, with this  his confidence grew and with the developments I advised now becoming more in place he started to return the scores applicable to a single figure golfer and on one occassion a category 1 player !!

Akshay's natural ability is second to none and as with all My development programme pupils I have regular contact by e-mail, u-tube or video media links to ensure that I provide  an all year round coaching advice & development package / facility  where ever they may be located around the world

I see Akshay in person 2-3 times a year & the improvement I have seen in him is living proof that My long distance coaching programmes work well”

Graham Moore FPGA
30th September 2011



The event hosted by Virgin Atlantic was played over
Karen Golf & Country Club, Nairobi, Kenya on 3rd June

Karen is  a very tight course, well-manicured, which needs precision placed tee shots & accurate shots to the green to be a close as possible to the hole on fast & undulating greens

Akshay still managed to score 39 points, 21 were scored on the first  nine holes with 18 on the back  nine

It was his first time playing the course which is a past venue of the Kenyan Open, he missed only 2 fairways & these by only a yard or so, but with excellent short game skills he out shadowed the older juniors who hit the ball longer

“I am really pleased for Akshay, his swing is now really consistent &
I have now started to concentrate more on his short game, which will enhance is overall playing / scoring ability, this I know will have helped his excellent play @ Karen Golf & Country”

Graham Moore FPGA
8th June 2011


Two Tournaments entered in 2011  – 2 wins

AKSHAY became the under 14's Festival of Friendship Champion at Windsor Golf Club, Nairobi, Kenya on 29 th May
@ the tender age of 10 years old !
He scored 38 points, having scored 20 on his 1 st nine holes, which is the more difficult of the two nines, he consolidated it with 18 points coming home to win by 5 points from his nearest rival, the average age of his competitors was 13 years old, so making  the win even more special
“This is a dream start to the season for Akshay, one that is well deserved & long overdue, continued success throughout 2011 will ensure Akshay keeps advancing to his long term goals over the coming years, the developments that I have been working on with Akshay since the beginning of the year are now becoming more FEEL established for him, so enabling continued repetition of the required movements”

Graham Moore FPGA   


-------------------------- AKSHAY wins  the  2011 Oshwal Youth Games in Mombasa, Kenya

Akshay Chandaria Aged 10 & the youngest competitor in the tournament, who resides in Nairobi , Kenya amassed a total of 78 points stableford over two rounds to win by 12 points , the largest winning margin in the event since it's inauguration 22 years ago
“Akshay has practiced extensively over the last 3 months the changes / improvements that I made in early January this year & they are now starting to take effect, with continued contact during this time via e-mail, video & other communication avenues I have been able to monitor the development stages & advise accordingly
This only goes to show that long distance coaching is effective & successful “

Graham Moore FPGA