Set up in 1990, Graham Moore International Junior Golf Academies, although based in the Northwest of England are in operation all over the world. 
They offer children of all ages and abilities an avenue to develop their golfing ability and their personality as a whole.
This is in line with Graham's belief that

Graham Moore International Junior Golf Academies have a proven record of success. Many children such as Jamie Garner (PGA) & Paul Grannell(England boys international) began on the Academies and have now developed into successful young professional golfers. Other young golfers who began their golf on the Academies include county juniors such as Henry Bennett, Martin Thomas, Sam Platt, Lewis Jackson, Kate Whitmore, Adam Charnock, James Spencer, Emma Goddard, Jack Duncalf, Rhys Nevin and Armon Williams to name only a few.

Graham Moore International Junior Golf Academies put in place a structured programme of regular group tuition for juniors as young as 4 years old, this entails on course competitions, skills tests, etiquette and rules training as well as other aspects of the game such as fitness and speech making

 “Academy children therefore have the best chance possible to develop their game at an early age.”

As well as developing their golf, Academy members can benefit in other ways from the Academies environment, regular inter-action and friendly competition with other children can give Academy Members communication and people skills that they can keep for life and will prove invaluable in whatever career path they choose to take.  

The Academies also provide a friendly atmosphere for parents and family members.

Graham Moore is now accepting enrolments for the 2013 Academies, open to children aged from 4 years old up to and including 16 years of age.



“Look no further than GMIGS for your College place in the USA”

Graham Moore FPGA & Graham Moore International Golf Schools 
have been authorised as a recruitment individual / organisation for 
Bethany College, Kansas, USA


“I am excited to add Graham and his Schools, as well as his reputation to our Golf Program. 
Due to his excellence in his schools and his own professional golf background we will be using him to help deliver first rate golfers and people to our program now and in the future. 
We strive to be one of the best and this will only enhance that goal.”

Jon Daniels 
Athletic Director 
Head Men's Golf Coach --------------- ----------12th December 2009 

Bethany College Kansas US -------------- -- Released at 19:25 ET